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forgiveness, judgement, and to forgive

Posted by preston on March 14, 2010 at 4:43 PM

Brothers and Sisters,

I recieved this email from one of my close friends, she is really close with the lord and our god and is currently wanting to serve as a Nun.  Please read and reflect upon her story and message.



Praised Be Jesus Christ+


Dear Sisters & Brothers In Christ,

Just some sharing with you about a story that I know very well and how it relates to scripture that I read tonight. Tonight at my Tuesday night prayer group our last scripture that we went over was in Matthew when we talked about forgiveness and how we should really forgive those who have wronged us and if we ever judged someone whom we thought didn't forgive???





There was a young woman whom seemed to hate her grandma is what everyone thought she would always leave every time her grandma would come to her home or visit. Everyone who met her assumed that there was hate there and that she just didn't respect her elders because of how she would leave every time her grandma would come. This young woman would never speak bad about the grandma, or she wasn't rude she just left all the time she would hug her grandma if she was home when her grandma came but would leave immediately.


Reason: When this young woman was a child probably about kindergarten age she was left with an older cousin for two week because her parents was moving from one town to another and the father took care of this cousin as a child and took so he left his children with her thinking all would be good because he was good to his niece as a child. This cousin was inhumane she beat, starved, and hurt this child in any way out of jealousy. Two weeks came of this horrible situation and this woman's grandma came to the cousins house and saw her grandchild beat up, bleeding, bruised and went crying to her in pain. Instead of the grandma helping her granddaughter she joined this cousin whom is her granddaughter as well for a few days of torturing the grandchild as well hurting this child more. The hurt in this young woman's heart as a child as you could imagine was beyond what words could ever say.


Results: Later on in life this young woman growing up with a strong Roman Catholic background and being taught to forgive learned in time to not only forgive her grandma but her older cousin as well. She in her heart gave to God the anger she once held and in time learning to give the pain as well she was scarred for life even in relationships, but always kept a smile on her face for God. The moral is that she truly forgave but when her grandma came to the house she would leave not because she was being rude to her elder it was because she knew she forgave but had no relationship with the one that in the past hurt her she was neither angry or upset she just wanted to go to another place and be at peace with God.


This woman forgave she is still learning as far as I know to one day give it all to God but God will do this in his time the part is like scripture says to forgive truly from the heart and this is what she did. No one said you have to be best friends with those who hurt you it just says to forgive and this is a lot in our human nature, but has been done. Just some sharing with you and perhaps it could also be called judgment because many judged this woman not knowing why, and what really happened. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can reflect on forgiveness in your own life as I have learned from this story with my own.


Much Prayers & Love,

Toni L. Aragon

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Reply Joe Hunt
9:48 PM on March 14, 2010 
Amen. I can relate to this story. Simular events took place in my life, and it was hard to forgive. But through the strength that Jesus Christ has given it is possible.