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A Dream...Those Who Love Him

Posted by on January 12, 2011 at 10:30 AM

The city was dark as clouds of dust filled the air. People all around were in a panic. Something was coming. A small RV was parked in the square between four tall buildings and I knew that I needed to get my family out of there. It was getting late and my grandparents hadn't arrived yet. A day earlier, I  had told them to meet me here at this very spot so we could leave together, in hopes of avoiding what was to come. But they were taking a long time. Too long. I finally decided I could not wait any longer. Lucas was in childcare in the same building they lived in so I unbuckled Sarah and Jojo and we all ran inside, all the while, shielding our eyes from the gray  dirt and debris that blew so forcefully against us. Inside, I found my grandparents and we proceeded to rummage through their apartment for anything we might need: medical supplies, food, water...

                 I told them to get to the RV while the kids and I went up a few floors to get Lucas. In the elevator, I pressed the button, selected the floor number, and impatiently watched the numbers climb. 4...5...6...7...8. But to my confusion and trepidation, it failed to stop on the floor I had selected. Despite my efforts to stop the elevator or change the direction, the elevator continued to make it's way up. 'Ding'! The doors opened and I gasped. I was able to look out and see the tops of the other buildings. I had to be at least 100 stories high and for someone who HATES heights, that was not a comfortable place to be. Gripping the hands of my two children, something caught my eye and instantly, my heart sank . A man in a business suit stood before me, his demeanor eerily calm and wearing a mischievious smile. In his arms he held Lucas. Confused and terrified, I took a step forward, wanting to run toward my child and knowing with all certainty that his was the devil. He held out his hand, gesturing for me to stop and then he held my baby boy over the edge of the skyscraper. "How much do you love your God?" he taunted, an evil grin spread wide across his face. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks and I knew what he was asking me to do. Did I love God, My Father more than I loved my son? I swallowed back the sob that rose in my throat and cried "I love Him more than my children...I love Him more than anything!" His face twisted in anger and he turned my attention to Lucas who still hovered hundreds of feet above the ground below.. Slowly, he released him over the edge.


 Instantly, he vanished and I was left clutching my frightened children, screaming after my son and watching helplessly as his small body flailed in midair. All I remember thinking was, "Father! Please!" Suddenly, a great light blinded me and between me and the building next to the one I was on, a great lion appeared! He was a mighty presence, half as tall as the towering structures he was lying between. Then, out of the great light he gave off, arose a beautiful, warrior-like angel clothed all in white and riding a horse the color of ivory. He great wings spread out and were double the length of his body. He rode up through the air and caught Lucas up in his arms. With the breath of his wings on my face, he landed in front of me and handed me my baby boy. He told me, " Those who love the Lord and do not deny Him will be proteted and rewarded for their faithfulness." All I could do was to stand there on shaking knees, embracing my children and praising My Father in Heaven!


Thank you, Lord for this reminder of Your love and the encouragement to give my whole heart to only YOU knowing that my joy and my reward will come from you along with my ability to spend eternity in your presence!!


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1 Comment

Reply MichaelAnn Pineda
2:45 PM on January 19, 2011 
Wow what an enlightening dream! May we never deny Him!