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We need to bring our Sin to the Light

Posted by Andrea&Isaiah on September 15, 2011 at 5:05 PM

I find myself being that hypocritcal christian, do as I say not as I do. I found that the hidden sins in my life were over taking my walk. Truth is, I was what I always said I didnt want to be, the hypocritcal christian. I went to church, I helped out, I even gave christian docturnal advice all the while the devil was playing his devil role. Now i want to make one thing evident WE have a choice to do right from wrong. Understand that if you do wrong and the devil leads you astray YOU have made the choice!!! With this said I made the wrong choices. I chose to keep my sins hidden from all of you better yet I tried to keep them hidden from the almighty. I am going to humbly confess to you all what I have done so that way you can see the Grace that God has poured out on to me.

I was married I had an affair which led to a divorce. I became a drug addict loved and still love coke (which i dont do anymore) am promiscuous, battle with sexual immorality to the point where i felt as if i wasnt good enough for a man so I started to dating a girl ( which i thought i loved) I judge myself and others. I dont bridal my toung and i dont claim my authority. I have fallen short!!! I have sinned. I am not great. I am a mother to a beautiful son named isaiah whom i dont have because i let his dad have him. I confess this garbage to you all so that you know Gods GRACE!!!!!


REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS UGLY WORLD THAT CAN SEPERATE YOU FROM GODS LOVE!! I am no better then you (reader) Claim your GRACE through JESUS. Bring your sins to light confess them to him and he will forgive you and make you right. :) GOD IS GREAT

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