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I found a job here in Denver at the Las Vegas Video Palace an adult video/book store it was a cool job real intresting people I was young and got an apartment then began partying again with gang members every weekend. I stopped after getting a $3000 dollar fine for buying liquor for underage minors about 20-35 people at my house we had a grocery cart with $600-800 hundred dollars worth of liquor, that was my wake up call I stopped then chilled out dated Peter off and on while writting my brother Louies friend Dustan since 1992 in prison as a friend pen-pal we hooked up got married in 1997? I told Peter he wasnt for me. Dustan was out of prison 3 months then back he went to prison just a straight careered criminal so I began dating Peter again while married to Dustan waitting on a divorce before my divorce was final at our court in Nov. 2000 I just had my son Elyjaha a week before so after my divorce I married Peter and that went good the first few years I began working part time with Robert as a Process Server ugly job and hateful people til Peter 3rd came 11months later Nov. 2001 then got my tubes tied and bam a few months later here comes twins a boy and a girl except my J'Angelo ate up all the nurishments she passed away when I was 4months pregnant and after dealing with Peter and his liquor issues I decided to take my 3 kids and leave him I had my baby boy J'Angelo March 2003 and then moved to Littleton Colorado got 4 different restraining orders after Peter kept getting drunk and stalking us several years back and fourth to jail he went while in jail my mother in law Carolyn Herbert wow she was a down South country woman but straight up and very real she helped me thru the roughest times I could always count on her no matter what it was she was my babysitter and my best friend I loved her dearly she watched all the kids while I went to school and work with Robert ugh that job was a nightmare at a P.I office I moved up little by little but I gained my earns there doing my job. I then found out Carol was sick and dying of lung cancer we moved in with her for a little bit helped her clean alot of cleaning she was so sick she didnt even get out of bed I came in to her house one day and Peter was out of jail again after 9 months with no fair warning after being in jail for felony menacing holding me and all the kids hostage in our house at knife point several hours? I left then came back Carol had fallen while I was at the store shopping and medics took her she ended up dying on April 30th, I believe 2006? a week before my birthday that was her funeral day I promised Carol I'd help Peter if needed and he changed and tried being a real father and stop drinking I gave it a shot promised Id help him 1 year and that turned into almost 3 years he didnt save one dime to get him a place a car whatever so he had to go I put him out then a few week later he came to my house with drunk drama again and went to jail then after getting out maybe 6 months later on New Years 2009 he broke in and choked me out til I was passed out my oldest son Elyjaha called 911 he went to jail violation of restraining orders, felony assult, stalking , harrassment where he is now I began a relationship with a guy Mack weez from Virginia we talked every day on the phone we went off and on til he moved to Colorado with me I got pregnant an unwanted and fast pregnancy ugh we both didnt want or need that at the time we left Littleton came to Denver and he bacame more abusive controlling and ugly we fought alot but I really loved him it just didnt work out we split when he began to put his hands on me yes I fought him back but he was a football player didnt go to NFL lost that chance I was assulted a few days later by hi sister and some guys in a public place at night with my kids with me that was ugly since we had many courts. I began going to church faihfully then I met Marcus we were totally different in so many ways he is square and nerdy but I loved that and me street wise and an ex gang banger, Im deeplyinlove with Marcus we married Feb. 15,2010 I knew in my heart he was my one and a blessing from god i prayed he wasnt a church man but i said justgo once and try please and I will never bug you again so he did and sat at my side faithfully we were so happy and in love then we began having issues finance issues he lost his job, car broke down, I got sicker we argued and argued but sometimes it wasnt even us it was his parents they didnt like me from the get go they didnt seem happy for us or for him, I tried being a good wife and supported him in anyway I can to fullfill his dreams as a fire fighter we struggled and strived which was hard for me because I wasnt use to it. It became ugly for us then we bought a truck that just broke down a few weeks later then we prayed on it to be fixed we got help from some family thru god and ia m so appreciative to them I love you both you know who you are, then one day Marcus went to a job interview got a job was going to some classes to get a scholarship for EMT training and got it that day the devil hit us bad we arguged again because of our truck no ride his parents me him we both said very ugly things to one another but i love my husband and yes i do hope he forgives me for being ugly to him as I forgive him for his ugliness He decided to leave and now he is not coming home we have seperated this is very hard on me but worse for the boys they have grown very attached to him and he is there dad in there eyes, yes i wish he would come home but god has reasons for everything and everbody has a path his way or no way thats how I see it, you must love and put GOD first and formost in your life or you will never have a life of happiness agin just trials and tribulations over and over. I now realize that I as a wife , mother and woman was not doing as I should have I dont know exactley what went wrong yet but I've lifted it up to the Lord and i know ive lost some faith and was angry because I felt abandon and alone and lost but in all reality God just wants me to build a deeper relationship with him first then it will all fall into place as he wants it if my marriage works later on down the line then that will be god's doings I need to focus on me and god right now It's very hard missing my husband we were as one together and I know he loves me deeply and I love him deeply! I just want what ever god has in store for me his will not mine he is god almighty i will continue to pray daily and keep in my bible the best book ever hold my faith and belief's that this will all work out the way god has it planned and if we do end up divorced at least I know I have god by my side he will pull me thru whatever and help me become strong a better

mother, wife and follower to him. well that's my life's tetimony alwways count your blessing god opens and closes doors for a reason and if you dont appreciate those blessing he's given you he can take them back until you keep on his word and keep his law. I will remain Mrs Tania Champine as I married in the eyes of God and will continue to be faithful and honor my husband by all means even tho he had left us thats my job as a servent of gods law and order and as a faithful wife.and I will remain loyal and honorable like I swore to do to my husband Marcus and God but for now Im building my relationship with God thats what i need and want most only God knows who,what,and where im headed on my path. I love You Marcus!  I spoke to Pastor Dezire she prayed as I cried today 4-29-10 she told me you need to put god first then everything will fall into place. thanks Dez. Tania

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So many chances God has given me with the many blessing I didnt see at the time but now that I have another chance to do this right God's will and his way I will accomplish this and succed for him and live only by his laws I love my family and Im hurt but I need to fix me and god's relationship first then he will provide me my way!

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awesome testimony, sister! just keep your focus on God- And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8 28 Just allow God to work! :) God Bless!!!!!!!


~Jesus is My Savior~


“I asked God for strength that I might achieve. I was made weak that I might learn humbly to obey. I asked for health that I might do greater things. I was given infirmity that I might do better things. I asked for riches that I might be happy. I was given poverty that I might be wise. I asked for power that I might have the praise of men. I was given weakness that I might feel the need of God. I asked for all things that I might enjoy life. I was given life that I might enjoy all things. I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I hoped for. Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered. I am, among all men, most richly blessed.”



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