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well there i was 17 with a baby and my own place, i was working for bob and hariot at the burito stand in capital hill and my grandfather was still liveing and he was helping me by sending me checks to live comforatably,finaly i realy thought i made it,and i was finaly at peace and no one was doing any thing to hurt me any moore. but little by little i started doing what i wanted to do and not what the LORD wanted me to. HE said if you love me you will obey me[l deut 30;20],but at that time i was not informed of GODS word,HE also says studie to show thy self aproved[11 timothy;2;15] my people perish because of the lack of knowladge[hosa4;6] and i was aware of what i was reading in the word but didnt obey because i was so rebelious twards every thing,so i had started to drink and smoke marjuana and hang out with the people who lived in my neiborhood,and they were a very exclusive bunch artists and homasexuals and prostitutes,pimps and drug dealers,i never judged any one for what they did it was always based apon how they treated me,and they all were like the family i never had.Well one day they decided to sell the burito stand, so that ment i was out of a job,i was looking for another job for about two weeks,and there was a horrable accident with my grandfather he had gotton hit by a semi truck while crossing the street from his house,he died a very slow death it was a week latter that he passed away,he was the only man who ever showed me real love,so when he died i was absolutley distrot,i couldnt even go see him when he was in the hospital or his funeral.i just didnt want to except that i had no one left to loveme or take care of me.i became very bitter,and i still couldnt find a job,i thought i was going to loose my mind but i did worse i lost my faith in GOD and i had started to blame him for every wicked thing that happen to me,im very ashamed to say what happen in my life but i know that theLORD knew what i was gona do.I became very depressed and i realy think thats when the mental illness possed me,because of the harshness of my life,i focus blameing him and hateing him and there was no goodness in this this time it had been weeks and i still couldnt find a job and my little boy was out of every thing and my sister and her son came to live with me to get away from all the pain also but the reality was i was loosen it because i didnt know how i was going to take care of us,I was sitting at the bus stop were i would catch the bus every day to look for a job,but at that paticular bus stop tricks would drive by tryen to pick me up,and i would always get mad and cuss them out .but that day i was so stessed out in my madness that i was crying and asking for the LORD to help me,but i was so engulfed in anger and bitterness he couldnt have herd me,and that gave saton his opportunity to offer his help.because just like GOD BLESS the devil can bless you to and the lie comes so close to the trueth,any way the trick rolled by and i said get away from me,i was sill asking what to do,and the first thing that came into my mind was to survive,and i told you i had friends that were prostitutes and they had been tryen to convince me that i could do it , so in the back of my mind those thoughts were already festering,because of the simple fact of being molested i was totaly sexualy promiscious with a bunch of guys that were not doen nothen to help me at all .next thing i know the trick came back around and was very persistant ,and was waveing 200 dollars in my face and all i could think of was my baby needed alot and i needed it now.[ now that i look back that was the day i sold my soul to the devil not even realizing that sin brings forth death and it was not GOD with me that day it was saton deciveing me.] so i listened to what he had to say,and i will never forget the words he used [ill give you a hundred now and a hundred when your done and there is a long drive that we have to take and it will take about 45 minutes] i was so scared out of my mind, the whole thing was the drive because when we got there he lasted a few minutes and he drove me right to the bus stop.and when he dropped me off i wasnt hopeless any more i became possed by a demon that was detrimined to kill my spirit and take others to hell.but i didnt know all of that then all i knew is when i became possed i was power full and could get anything i wanted at any given moment and rulled over men in the most evil way,and went from rags to riches instantly i call it the blessing and the curse,the moore time that went by i became better and better at the game,and lost all feeling and hope of the LORD in my life for quite a few years,it was only glamours for awhile until my pimp came into my life the first week i was with him he chocked me,but this was not unusuale to me because i had always been abused in some way or another.and the whole funny thing about me and him was that he was in love with me and didnt acknowldge that he was my pimp and he always had me convinced that he was not forceing me to do any thing that i didnt want to do and it was ok with him ,when it realy wasnt.,and he was such attractive man that i was totaly possed with thinking i was in love with him to.but it was all a lie from the pit of hell,the first year we were together he moved me to the 7th floor luxurie appartment,it was realy beautiful ,but he did not like my baby and he was mean to him and he made me send him away,mind you i was alredy hateful and bitter,after he sent him away he became verry nice until one day we were in the shower lovey dovie and the next thing i know he grabs by the throught and raped me and wiped himself of through the towel on me and walked away as nothing ever happened ther was always some kind of element of suprise attact going on after that and the presure to get moore money,My beautiful nightmare had begun,and i had realized what i got my self into and i wanted out [the life time contract] thats what the devil called  it ,the next year i had found out i was pregnat and he said if i ever got pregnat i would have to get an aborstion.but the LORD had already instilled his goodnes in me because when i got saved He said He would never leave me nore forsake me but i was so negative and hope less i realy couldnt be stong so i hid it from him as long as i could i was about 5 mounths and he had sent me out on the road to work,i begged him to let me come home and he did but when i came home he was always gone,so in my depressed state of mind i slit both of my rists,when he finaly came back  he couldndt belive what i had done and agread to let me keep the baby, then after that was the torment of it wasnt his baby and it was a trick baby, the whole time i was with him it was always something to make him mad something i had done or said always walking on egg shells,we had finaly moved to a house, he was always very private and didnt want me in his buisness,but me i was always searching for the trueth.



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Joe Hunt
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Powerful! Just like Joseph... Hated by his brothers! Beat and sold into slavery! Slaved for years only to be falsely accused and sent to prison for more waisted years! But all was to the glory of God!!!!


John 9:1-3



1As he went along, he saw a man blind from birth. 2His disciples asked him, "Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?"

3"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life.


Peace through Christ and God Bless.



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