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Hello, I would like to take this time to share my story with the world. On 8-29,1999 I was 16 years old and it was the day before my sophomore year of high school was going to start. I was out on the golf course with a friend, when I started to get light headed. 911 was called. By the time parametics had arrived I had pretty much lost my ability to speak words. Once I got to the hospital drs didn't know what to think or how to treat me. I had a severe head ache so they finally decided to treat me for a migrain attack. Which was so far from what was really taking place. It turned out to be a massive stroke. It took drs. far to long to figure out what had been going on which is why they didn't give me the drug to reverse the stroke. I was put into a coma so they could do emergency brain sergury. My brain was swelling so tin order to save my life they had to remove the right side of my skull to allow room for my brain to swell. Had they not taken the risk with sergury drs say I would be dead by morning. And gave my dad a 40% chance of survival even with surgery. and at that I would be a complete vegtible and never walk again. During surgery they cut a bunch of dead brain cells out of my head, so when I woke up I had lost so much key information that had been stored in those brain cells. It also took me to about a 2nd grade learning leve, as well as a year long road of courage and determination of recocover. I was left with the left side of my body completely paralyzed. So alot like the young lady who was attacked by the shark and lost one of her arms I too understand how frustrating it can be to live everyday life with only one arm to use. I was not saved when this all took place, and hated God for a long time. Then I was given a gift the purpose driven life book. Day 2/chaper 2 there is a poem that changed my life. It goes a little like this Know that trauma you have faced was not easy .And God wept that it hurt you so; It was soon after that, that I gave my life to the Lord and had realized that me having this stroke was part of his plan. Even if it meant that I could not do the things I loved such as excel in sports/play sports. He gifted me with crazy good athletic abilities. only to take it away. Had I not gotten sick I probably would have never gotten saved. All that Jesus sacrificed for me the least I could sacrifice is the left side of my body. I would compare the old me to Jacob. Always schemin and lying. One day he wrestled with god and was blessed with a handicap. He dislocated his hip. The Lord used the gift of a stroke to open up my eyes and to allow me to realize that it's not all about me I would not change things for the world. I'm content with how God has worked in my life.Me having the stroke is a blessing. So now that it is 12 years later I am 27 years old. I got married when I was 25 on 8.8.08. My wife is having a a baby boy this coming June. We are naming him Caleb. My left side is still dead. I can walk not perfectly but I can walk. I would say I am pretty high funtioning. And am just trying to live my life for the Lord. Thank you for your time! Before all of this had taken place I had a first class ticket to hell is the way I like to look at it.But God gave me another chance a chance at having eternal life. So the sacrifice of living the rest of my life with this handicap is so worth it because all of this here on earth is so temporary compared to eternity wich is paradise forever. One day this will all be over and the day to day struggles will have been so worth it. Thank you Father God for opening my eyes and giving me a second chance. And thank you all for listening to my forever long story. I tried cutting it as short as I could. I have so much to share.As always be blessed my brothers and sisters!~Nic-




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