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Joe Hunt
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Like all life, it starts when you were born, so that’s where we'll start. My mom was 12 years old when she got pregnant with me by my dad who forced himself on my mom. The age of 13 years old is when she actually had me. Its safe to say she was not prepared to care for a newborn baby. So I was put into the hands of her parents whom I loved dearly. Unfortunately they were full blown alcoholics who after getting drunk seemed to love testing their boxing skills on one another! So After witnessing a lot of violence, alcohol abuse, and also a lot of love my grandmother the only mom i knew died when i was seven. So back to my mom i went, by then she was already an addict to alcohol and crack cocaine. So it was only a matter of time before the addictions and immoral values I was raised around took a hold of me. I tried marijuana in 2nd grade because my uncles and cousins made me try it, but it was around 5th or 6th grade when I started smoking on regular basis, at first monthly, then weekly, and by 7th grade daily. It was also around the same time I started drinking alcohol though not as bad untill abouth 8th grade. By thirteen I was an addict to marijuana and by the time I was sixteen years old, I was also an alcoholic. With no guidance, a dad long gone, and a mom lost to drugs, I did what I pleased. We were on section 8 and got food stamps every month. My grandpa who lived with us got a social security check every month, so that’s where our drug money came from. My grandpa would get his vodka, my mom with her crack, and me with my booze and weed. I took my habits to school and got caught smoking in the boys’ restroom. Afraid of the consequences, I dropped out of school in 8th grade. “And so what?” I thought, “ no one cared anyway.” But God did. He would use my messed up life and all its tragic testimonies for something good. At fourteen, I was addicted to weed, in a gang, sold drugs, and fought every chance I got. After so many run-ins with the law, losing two good friends to a shooting and a car accident, I got hooked on harder drugs like crack and meth, and pretty much became a bum. This went on until I turned 18. That’s the time i met my wife. She was driving with a mutual friend, when they saw me walking in the snow and picked me up. Instant love at first sight. A short time later, we found out she was pregnant. She gave me an ultimatum: our child or drugs. All I had to do was think of my life without a father and my decision was pretty easy. It took a year to quit but if it wasn't for God sending her into my life I'd be dead. After a long search, I landed a job, enrolled into college and earned my G.E.D. So what was it that made me change my life around for good? During that year, I experienced something I will never forget. One night, as I lay in bed, the bed began to shake violently. I know you probably think I'm nuts but it’s true. I was frozen and no matter how badly I wanted to, I couldn't move. In all my fear, I remembered a prayer. OUR FATHER WHO ART IN HEAVEN... Boom. I was free. 18 years of age running into my grandmother’s bedroom crying. Can you imagine? The only thing that comforted me was a prayer my grandma said. After that i was curious to know why. Ever since then I've been saved. I'm now a college graduate, a hard working father, and husband, and most importantly a disciple for Jesus. About three years ago, God gave me a vision of how He wanted to use me. My wife and brother Michael have helped me start the ministry God has called us to - My Life Testimony Ministries. This is pretty much the gist of it, and its all in His will. Thank you, God...for saving a wretch like me. Please share your testimony with this world. And share with us how God saved you. God Bless. 


Peace through Christ and God Bless.



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You are the man Joe.  It is amazing how God can change a life and make it better.  Not only is it better, but now you are a difference maker in other peoples lives.  May the Joy of the Lord continue to be your strength brother.  Jamie

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