MLT Ministries

"Loving our neighbors like ourselves"

                                                        MLT Ministries

 Mission Statement:

Striving to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in both a spiritual and practical way, in hopes to bring forth a positive change.


To help overcome life's adverse circumstances by the wisdom found in God's word and by our own compelling testimony.


Statement of Faith:

   MLT Ministries believes that the Holy Bible is 100% true, that it is a letter to the creation of the world signed by the Creator of the universe Himself with the Blood of His Son Jesus Christ.


  With that being said we firmly believe that there is a spiritual war taking place for the soul of every man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth (1 Peter 5:8). For this very reason we have received the great commission given by our Lord Jesus (Matthew 28:19-21) with honor and gladness.  MLT Ministries firmly believes that apart from Jesus there is no real freedom, only a matrix of false freedom and fulfillment (Matthew 7:24-27). That is why we only seek to offer the living and liberating word of God (1 Peter 1:23), and salvation in Jesus alone (Acts 4:12). 


  Our Operation:

MLT Ministries is made up of two main divisions. Outreach and Discipleship. Our Outreach division is currently made up of three operations. The first is the MLT Street Movement which targets our homeless brothers and sisters living on the streets of Denver Colorado. Next, is our MLT Youth Events that focus primarily on the youth in through out the Denver metro area. Finally, there is our MLT Music program which reaches out to everyone in between through music with a positive message!


Our second  division is discipleship. It is made up of two operations . The first is a fellowship held every twice a month on Sunday, welcoming all whom seek to build their life on God's word. Our second is our youth program, held every Friday evening with the goal of bringing the youth into a positive environment and teaching them the Word of God.



 History on MLT Ministries:

   In the Spring of 2009, Environmental Technician Joe Hunt  had been a new believer in Christ for just  a couple years or so when it was put on his heart to start a ministry by which believers would be able to share the hope and love they found in Christ with others.  He started by creating a website ( where believers could come together in fellowship and prayer and were able to share their testimony about what God had done in their lives. 

Later, that Summer, Joe, his wife Vanessa, and his brother Michael  Gallegos went out to the streets of Denver for the first time with tracts in hand and the intention of sharing the Gospel.  This was the first MLT Street Movement.  From that day on, Joe, Michael, and volunteers would go out every Saturday to reach out to the lost and needy in Denver and surrounding areas. We have been able to provide the homeless and needy  with food, clothing, and personal care items along with  “spiritual” food and hope through the message of Christ.

Joe had always had a passion for music and was driven to use his talents to glorify God and minister to others. Since the start of the ministry, he has completed an album titled Battle Wounds and given over 500 copies of it away for free and has performed in many charitable events. MLT Ministries has also been honored to help other artists in the making of their albums and giving them a chance to reach others through music.

In January 2010,  we began to move forward in the process of becoming an official organization. We have obtained our Colorado State Tax Exemption Certification and were approved as a 501c3 in February of 2011.  We are currently working with Colorado Nonprofit Association to ensure that we are running the organization in accordance with state and federal requirements.

In the meantime,  we were preparing for our first Youth Event  where we provided  free food and prizes as well as some summer fun at a park in Commerce City. Our hope was to show the children God’s love, allow them to be a part of something positive, and to encourage them in that no matter what they may be facing, Jesus cares for them and wants to do something great in their lives. We are currently in the midst of hosting our third annual Youth Event and have seen the affect it has had on the youth and their families and have watched the number in attendance grow from about 20 people that first May in 2010 to over 100 attendees this June of 2011! We cant wait to see what 2012 has in store! Thank you for taking time to read about our roots. God bless and please pray that God would continue to use us in spreading His Kingdom!